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Prime Minister Trudeau, Ecuador desperately needs humanitarian assistance--Will Canada step up?

Mr. Prime Minister, the Liberal Party of Canada ran on a platform of changing Canada’s international image. We have taken important steps to reclaim our moral leadership in international affairs, such as on the environment and security, and these are things for which Canadians can be proud. Nevertheless, when a small developing country like Ecuador is devastated by a natural disaster, the world’s wealthy nations, such as Canada, have a special responsibility to offer their humanitarian assistance.
The world is watching this crisis unfold and Canada can do better. It is our hope that Canada will revisit its position and commit additional resources and humanitarian assistance to Ecuador.

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HEC Seeks Independent TV Producers/Photographers/Writers From Across Canada

Whether you are a weathered professional, amateur and/or just a hobbist - if you or someone you know has the skills to produce short segments (up to 3 minutes), an aspiring journalist and would like to contribute we would love to hear from you.  We are currently seeking part-time voluteer producers/journalists/photographers from across Canada looking to make a difference, a name for themselves and/or contribute to a vibrant and growing community here in Canada.  Perks?  Exposure. Making a difference in our community.  Training. Most importantly, fun!

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